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About Magic Book

We use the Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed (MR) Reality to deliver a new digital experience to enhance learning and motivate the users to interact and explore in depth the physical support.

Multilingual content

We in Magic Book we love to spread our content, we adapt, transalte and offer multilingual support for each content.Your languges is not availabe yet?Keep in touch for future update or contact us! Our team is glad to hear from you.


Best Magic Books Apps Features

Simple And user Friendly App

Once downloaded, you start using no need for a guide.


We keep updating and adding languages and dialects to our app.

DLC Content

To reduce the size of the app, we use DownLoadable Content (DLC).You download only what you need.

Updated frequently

Our magic content is updated frequently.Don't miss it!

CrossPlatform App

Our app work on Android, iOS and more is coming soon...

VR HMD compatible

Our app use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and is compatible with any VR headset for smartphones.


Our Awesome Pricing list


$ 3 /Per-Piece

Coloring Book

$ 3 /Per-Piece


$ 7.99 Per-Pack

Download The App

To download our App please use one of the links below.

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